Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, Brazil

Each day, I try to visit a new city. I’m not looking for beauty or ugly, for rich or poor. I’m not even looking for “local color” – I’m looking for a scene. One large picture, to put on Facebook. One small picture, to put on Instagram.

Today: Salvador, Brazil

A car overtakes the bus. Right in the middle of the scene, an electricity pole with a speaker. Two men seem to be holding hands in front of a turquoise phone booth caught between two benches. The men are looking over the street, something strange or loud must be happening there. To the right, a man is resting on the curb. The local restaurante has “dobradinha”, “frango ensopado” and “lasanha” on the menu. You can also rent the “espaço de festa”.

Two men by the market
The other side (Instagram)

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